Springtime in Paris: Evoking Spring with French Patterns

How can you use pattern to bring the joy of springtime into your home?

Springtime in Paris: Evoking Spring with French Patterns

The smell of freshly cut grass, the thawing of the chill in the breeze, the first tiny bud of a snowdrop; how can you use pattern to bring the joy of springtime into your home? Pierre Frey’s new spring fabrics are a good place to start. Weaving classic images of spring into beautiful appliqué and embroidery, the new Aloha collection features dozens of fabrics that can be used to brighten your home interior. 

Vanatu Kiwi 16


A weave of green and yellow thread crisscrossing to create a subtle zigzag effect evokes the freshness and brightness of everything green leaping back to life after a subdued winter. Images of daffodil against grass are illuminated further with a subtle interspersing gold thread adding a dewy shimmer to the overall finish.

Aloha Multicolore 01

A mixture of vibrant silks and glossy threads make up this classic springtime floral motif set off against a neutral cream linen background. The traditional floral imagery is updated for a contemporary feel by using a larger pattern (with fewer repeats) and favouring appliqué over print for richer colours and tactile texture.

Bora-Bora Multicolore 01

Thickly embroidered buds of thread cascade down a linen background in a stylized zigzag design that brings a quirky edge to the traditional floral palate and soft tone of the backing linen used. Alternating bright and brownish tones present an abstraction of blossom on branches; in turn creating a truly original spring-influenced motif.
For more information, advice on how these springtime patterns could brighten up your home interior in particular, and to see cuttings of any of the fabrics featured in the Aloha collection, email [email protected] or call into our Heswall studio any time from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday (weekend appointments available upon request.)

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