Oldfield Show House

A project by Kettle Design

For this show home, we used vibrant wallpapers & fabrics to show people they can have something wow in their homes rather than them being as bland, beige and exhausting as Brexit politics.

Working with the local property developer finessing the room layout ad spatial design, lighting & power layouts earlier in the year. We were then asked to produce the interior design schemes and implement them to create a show home.

This five bedroom new build show home in Heswall, Wirral, is on a plot with four other homes. The developers asked us showcase to potential buyers how these houses can be transformed into comfortable, stylish homes.

We’re seeing more people turning to some of the exciting wallpapers on the market because they make a room more interesting with their instant impact.

There are some stunning wallpapers available and, often, they are cheaper than paint by square metre now. Also, if you have made a mistake with paint, it’s far easier to just paper over it.

People are wallpapering whole rooms, single walls, using wallpaper to make a statement in an alcove, as a dramatic panel on a wall to resemble a piece of art or even to line the inside of a kitchen cupboard to make them smile when they open it.

Really popular are silk effect and linen wallpapers, textured wallpapers and the most incredible eco-friendly papers made out of real papaya leaves.

When the politics is as grey as it has been for the past couple of years, it’s exciting to bring a splash of colour into your home.

Here are some of our Creative Director Suzanne’s favourite wallpapers which she has installed in a newly built home in Heswall in Wirral.

First impressions count, and this geometric wallpaper with its softer and gentler take on the geometry and linear styles of the Art Deco period makes a good entrance. I also like that you get a hint of the homeowner’s personality through the open door into the dining room.

Botanical is this year’s big buzzword and this vibrant tapestry-like forest design pattern is ideal for those who love feminine flowers but also love to make a big bold statement. 

After a frantic day, the shimmering jewel-like feathers floating on a contrasting background on this designer wallpaper make for a relaxing scene.

This wallpaper is ideal for a child’s bedroom. I love the beautiful scene of hand drawn butterflies, florals and foliage with sublime flashes of watercolour. And you don’t have to paper the whole room to make an impact.

It often works well to bring a sense of the garden into a room. The delicate brushstrokes depicting a striking, trailing magnolia in a fusion of gentle pastels and versatile neutrals make for a calming bedroom scene.

This statement wallpaper in bold and luxurious purple and blue looks fabulous on one wall of a study. Infused with the rich history and elegance of Asian culture, the fanciful design brings the room to life.