Hoylake Residence Phase II

A project by Kettle Design

Following a successful remodelling and refurbishment of a living space completed the year before, our clients returned and asked Kettle to remodel their master suite and dressing room.

Their brief was to create more storage, address the lack of light and warmth in the room and to modernise the areas so that they are more welcoming and relaxing.

By looking at the structural elements in the space and moving the door to the master suite from the hall allowed the creation of a separate dressing area. Moving the door also benefitted the symmetry on the landing, improving the view as you climbed the stairs.

The new dressing area allowed room for all their garments, possessions and dressing area needs to be located within their own spaces.

The bedroom, all the storage needs now removed, allowed for the removal of the cluttered dressing area and to create of a truly relaxing space, a sofa and chair could now be added at the foot of the bed. Bespoke bedside cabinets made full use of the wide room, giving additional storage for items needed close at hand.

Improving the lighting to all three areas, adding reflective luxury wallpapers and fabrics helped to counteract the darkness the space had previously suffered from.

Adding a wide shaped cove to the bedroom, not only improved the perceived proportions to the room, adding full width curtaining to the window wall, and disguising the windows small dimensions with a full width voile helped to make the room feel light and luxurious.

We also took the opportunity to add additional heating to the room, hiding an additional pair of radiators behind the full width curtains.

Our clients are delighted with the makeover of their personal space, they are thrilled with the rich, relaxing ambiance created.