Playful ceramic people sculptures bring sense of fun

They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes – and a wide palette of colours – and they bring a sense of fun to a home.

The Visitor was created by former civil engineer Guido Deleu in 1996 as part of a contest to design a sculpture for the main entrance of a cultural centre in Flanders in Belgium.

He quickly came to embody a kind and friendly figure.

Today, Selma Calheiura, owner of the studio Cores da Terra has created a range of ceramics inspired by The Visitor.

All the pieces are handmade using only natural elements and colour pigments. Each one is a little bit different.

They range in height from 23cm to 37cm and 75cm and come in a choice of 30 colours from white, yellow and black to pink, purple, orange and blue. Prices start from £80.

Whether they are grouped together or placed artfully on a mantlepiece or table, The Visitor always captures people’s attention and makes them smile. We love them.

Pop in and see them in our shop in Heswall or ask to see our catalogue where we have the whole range of colours for you to choose from.