Designs Influenced by Art Work

In the 1950s New York was hit by the trend of Abstract Expressionism.

In the 1950s New York was hit by the trend of Abstract Expressionism. The movement was so influential that the famous Four Seasons restaurant commissioned large canvases for their restaurant, ensuring that their exclusive dining experience reflected the city’s most fashionable aesthetic.

One of the most famous artists of the movement was Jackson Pollock, a painter who gained acclaim through his ‘drip paintings:’ huge canvases covered with a chaotic yet beautifully coordinated mass of oil paint ‘drips’

 Jackson Pollock’s ‘No. 5’

Reworking this classic look with a subtler overall finish perfect for creating a sense of creativity and style in your home interior, Zimmer & Rhode present their Pollock-inspired fabric, ‘Splash’

 Silky embroidered splatters of bold brights against a crisp white cotton make for a dazzling fabric that leaps off any surface. Muted brown and grey tones provide a sense of background through their comparatively lower saturation, creating a stunning overall 3D effect. For more information, or to view Zimmer and Rhode’s latest collection, email [email protected] or call into our Heswall studio any time from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday (weekend appointments available upon request.)

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