In this week’s blog we thought we would share our love & admiration for one of our favourite décor companies; Elitis. Whose products have always been up to date with the most modern techniques and materials as they are innovative, courageous and most definitely bold.

They are present in over 100 countries, from the United Kingdom to Australia passing through Argentina and Russia. Their fabrics, wallpapers and wall coverings travel through private residences, hotels and restaurants throughout the world. All of their products are utterly original and fascinating – we would use them every day if we had the chance! They create all of their wallcoverings and papers in a number of different materials to suit any environment in which they could be placed; from vinyl’s to feathers to horsehair products!

We stock numerous amounts of Elitis collections within our showroom although every collection can be found on their website – www.elitis.fr/en. Take a look online or come into our showroom so you can appreciate the pieces in all of their glory. Elitis is a trade only company so can only be ordered through an official stockist; which luckily we are! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!