Furniture Designs for a child

Our brief for this project was to create an exciting and enjoyment filled space; therefore the furniture had to match this. We wanted the furniture to look fun and feature some bright colours and patterns that would be featured elsewhere in the room. We designed the products as a matching set so that they would look fitting together in the new bedroom.

For the bedside tables we kept them small to fit in either side of the bed which is also a bespoke design by Kettle.
The bedside table has a small drawer and underneath there will be a storage box that will be covered in a patterned fabric to compliment the design scheme for the rest of the room. The drawer front has clean rounded corners and features a curved cut out which will be used as the handle to access the drawer.

The image below shows the colours that we have been playing around with for the bedside tables.


For the desk we have kept the idea of the curved shapes that we used for the bedside table and it features the same design for the drawers except the desk will have two drawers, one larger than the other, which sit on the left hand side of the desk. As the desk will be sat in the corner of the room it has been designed in an L shape to allow it to fit into the corner easily.

Here is an image of the idea that we have come up with for the desk and shows a possible colour for the set of drawers.


Both products feature the same drawer design and rounded rectangle cut outs in the legs to keep the look modern and fun; both will be made from a high gloss white wood laminate. The drawer fronts will feature bright colours to match the rooms design scheme and add to the fun exciting design of the room.

Finally here is an image of both of the furniture pieces together, showing how they could possibly look once in the brand new bedroom.

Stripes, spots, floral… What would your child want in their bedroom?

We have recently undertaken an exciting new project; to design an exhilarating, colourful, child’s bedroom. There are a vast number of designs and patterns on the market these days but how exactly do you decide which one to go for? This got us thinking, what designs would your child decide if they got to choose their very own scheme? We think we may just have the answer…


Stripes help to trick the eye into thinking that a room is larger than it actually is; use vertical stripes to deceive the eye into thinking the room is taller and horizontal to make the room seem wider.

Spots have always been popular within interior design and people are coming up with more innovative ideas on how to use them. Whether it is polka dot wallpaper or a random stencil pattern; bring fun back into a bedroom by simply adding them in!

Floral’s are perfect to use within a child’s bedroom in contrast to popular belief they are not only used for the older generation! Try Sahco’s Pixus Fabric which brings floral into 2015 by adding pixilation to the geometric pattern.

Each design style would look amazing in any child’s bedroom as each is fun and can be used in many different ways and colour styles; but we feel we can go one better than that. Why not be brave and use all these different styles, colours and patterns and combine them in one bedroom together? This creates a fundamentally exciting haven that your child will never get bored of. Go on, take the leap, and produce something utterly unique today!

Get Outdoors! This Summer in Style…

We’ve all been waiting for Summer to finally arrive in the UK and now it has, we have the perfect solutions for keeping your garden looking as stylish as possible with Missoni!

Unfortunately not all of us have the backdrop of the sea like this, but luckily for us we can still decorate our back gardens like we have!
Using the new Summer Collection from Missoni, you see the use of stripes and zigzags coming back in with the bold colours making your
outdoor area more summery than you’ve ever seen before.

Along with these quirky and innovative ideas, make the most out of your garden and get the ultimate sun lounger!

Missoni don’t just supply fabrics either; take a look at their Summer 2015 clothing line!

Match this with your outdoor home accessories and you have the perfect all-rounder look and location for your summer at home!
So much so, that you’ll think you are living just by the sea!

Missoni is available at Kettle Design, pop into our showroom to take a look!

Interior Design Goes Bridal!

It’s around Spring that we start to notice the worlds of interior design and fashion design over-lapping as trends cross back and forth. Designers are enthusing about fabrics that we like to describe as ‘bridal’ and below we’ve found some truly romantic examples:-

The smoky embroidered charm of a gently puckered silk that is reminiscent of a Victorian corset and train, right the way up to the striking ivory silks that wouldn’t look out of place on a Vera Wang!

If you’re tying the knot over the coming weeks remember that the love affair with our home can be a long and lovely thing to celebrate too.

The Joy of Jouy

18th Century French Toile de Jouy fabric is undergoing a 21st century spin with many fabric houses, the bold colour palettes reviving the original spirit of these magnificent fabrics making them anything but what your granny would choose.


 Timorous Beasties in Glasgow pioneered the ‘urban-chic’ toile look perfectly and a decade later other companies are following this exciting trend.


Looking forward to a colourful Spring?

This week we were lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the gorgeous new collection by Zimmer and Rohde being launched in Paris soon. The colours have a retro but refreshed feel…

 …and work beautifully with their furniture…..

 …the feather design of this fabric also tickled our fancy….

 …if after seeing such a dazzling new collection you may need a rest, Zimmer are now making very smart bedclothes too! 

 For further information please contact us at Kettle Design.

Fabrics from the moon…

 Happy New Year from us all at Kettle Design and we hope you had a relaxing break. The dark mornings and dark nights can turn our thoughts to cheerful colours and the new exciting products of 2015. With this in mind we have discovered a fantastic collection of weird and wonderful fabrics from Pierre Frey called ‘Collection Boussac’. Our favourite is ‘Spoutnik’

This amazing velvet folds in random crenulations and can best be described as looking like a screwed up piece of paper. We can’t wait to turn this in to futuristic blinds and duvet covers that look like sleeping in the coolest waste paper basket. At last, a good excuse not to make the bed!

Available to see at our showroom at 147 Telegraph road, Heswall, Cheshire.

Christmas Old and New…

This week we had the enormous pleasure and privilege to explore the fantastic collection of antiques at Thornton Manor in Cheshire. Amongst our favourite items were the Napoleonic thrones made for the King of Denmark’s Paris apartment which have self-inflating cushions for comfort (and no more plumping!) several gorgeous matching pairs of Japanese imari ginger jars and an unforgettable caddy shaped in the head of a French Bulldog.
As we were led blinking from one Alladin’s cave to the next, it became obvious that antiques are as fashionable and relevant in today’s interiors than ever. Simultaneously an investment and a thing of joy, antiques can compliment contemporary homes in unexpected and charming ways and we felt a real sense of creative excitement at the prospect of using them in todays interiors.
A special thanks to Mr Cowan for showing us around the beautiful Thornton Manor. We will be featuring a regular spot on antiques, how to incorporate or adapt them like the Imari vases turned into lamps below.
If you have any questions  please visit or e mail the studio and we’ll offer our suggestions and advice. We would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and New Year      249899.jpg    charleston-antiques-dog-tobacco-storage.jpg



 This week we have received a delivery of a beautiful bed throw for one of our lovely clients.

 A beautiful detailed ‘vermicelli’ design throw that is perfect for any bedroom.  

We teamed two luxurious fabrics; for the main face fabric shimmering viscose velvet from Ardecora printed with an all over ornamental motif which melts into the sheen of the velour, and for the hand stitched border and reverse an elegant silk with linen yarn floating on the surface from Sacho; to produce an unashamedly luxurious item which completes their new bedroom to perfection.

 Different quilting techniques can create alternative themes, whether it’s a retro feel or a modern look that you want, changing the style of stitching can help you create the perfect look.

 Quilting has evolved throughout the years and the variety of options is endless.  You can have any design on any type of fabric and the limitations are only in your imagination. Whether it’s a large box – stitched quilt, which is more classical and timeless, or a sleek serpentine running around a border, whatever image or pattern you have in mind can be customised to enhance your design making quilting a fun way to enliven any interior. 

The Perfect Autumn Rug

 The Perfect Autumn Rug

This unique rug is made from recycled suede leather cut into the shape of oak leaves.
It is a fabulous assault on the senses resembling so closely a pile of autumn leaves.

 We first saw this collection in Paris at the Maison En Object back in September, where the manufacturing company won the Red Dot Award for its high quality and innovative designs.

The rug forms part of a collection which has been inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds us. And in keeping with that ethos, no chemicals or finishing products are used in the manufacturing process creating an eco-responcible recycled product !

A sample of this rug and other collections from the same manufacturer can be viewed at our Kettle Design studio.