Fabrics from the moon…

 Happy New Year from us all at Kettle Design and we hope you had a relaxing break. The dark mornings and dark nights can turn our thoughts to cheerful colours and the new exciting products of 2015. With this in mind we have discovered a fantastic collection of weird and wonderful fabrics from Pierre Frey called ‘Collection Boussac’. Our favourite is ‘Spoutnik’

This amazing velvet folds in random crenulations and can best be described as looking like a screwed up piece of paper. We can’t wait to turn this in to futuristic blinds and duvet covers that look like sleeping in the coolest waste paper basket. At last, a good excuse not to make the bed!

Available to see at our showroom at 147 Telegraph road, Heswall, Cheshire.

Christmas Old and New…

This week we had the enormous pleasure and privilege to explore the fantastic collection of antiques at Thornton Manor in Cheshire. Amongst our favourite items were the Napoleonic thrones made for the King of Denmark’s Paris apartment which have self-inflating cushions for comfort (and no more plumping!) several gorgeous matching pairs of Japanese imari ginger jars and an unforgettable caddy shaped in the head of a French Bulldog.
As we were led blinking from one Alladin’s cave to the next, it became obvious that antiques are as fashionable and relevant in today’s interiors than ever. Simultaneously an investment and a thing of joy, antiques can compliment contemporary homes in unexpected and charming ways and we felt a real sense of creative excitement at the prospect of using them in todays interiors.
A special thanks to Mr Cowan for showing us around the beautiful Thornton Manor. We will be featuring a regular spot on antiques, how to incorporate or adapt them like the Imari vases turned into lamps below.
If you have any questions  please visit or e mail the studio and we’ll offer our suggestions and advice. We would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and New Year      249899.jpg    charleston-antiques-dog-tobacco-storage.jpg



 This week we have received a delivery of a beautiful bed throw for one of our lovely clients.

 A beautiful detailed ‘vermicelli’ design throw that is perfect for any bedroom.  

We teamed two luxurious fabrics; for the main face fabric shimmering viscose velvet from Ardecora printed with an all over ornamental motif which melts into the sheen of the velour, and for the hand stitched border and reverse an elegant silk with linen yarn floating on the surface from Sacho; to produce an unashamedly luxurious item which completes their new bedroom to perfection.

 Different quilting techniques can create alternative themes, whether it’s a retro feel or a modern look that you want, changing the style of stitching can help you create the perfect look.

 Quilting has evolved throughout the years and the variety of options is endless.  You can have any design on any type of fabric and the limitations are only in your imagination. Whether it’s a large box – stitched quilt, which is more classical and timeless, or a sleek serpentine running around a border, whatever image or pattern you have in mind can be customised to enhance your design making quilting a fun way to enliven any interior. 

The Perfect Autumn Rug

 The Perfect Autumn Rug

This unique rug is made from recycled suede leather cut into the shape of oak leaves.
It is a fabulous assault on the senses resembling so closely a pile of autumn leaves.

 We first saw this collection in Paris at the Maison En Object back in September, where the manufacturing company won the Red Dot Award for its high quality and innovative designs.

The rug forms part of a collection which has been inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds us. And in keeping with that ethos, no chemicals or finishing products are used in the manufacturing process creating an eco-responcible recycled product !

A sample of this rug and other collections from the same manufacturer can be viewed at our Kettle Design studio.   

Naturally Stunning

 This week we would like to introduce to you the exquisite new Boracay Collection from Arte.

 The wallcoverings within the collection are made from natural plant fibres using an environmentally friendly manufacturing process to meet the strictest environmental standards. 

 Since Arte was founded in 1981 it has been known for its  wallcoverings, this new collection is a wonderful departure ranging from iridescent colours to natural hues…. the banana leaf wallpaper shown above and water hyacinth leaves shown below are two particular favourites, the collection is available to view in our studio.


Carl Robinson

 We are delighted to welcome the ‘Carl Robinson’ brand to our growing collection of high end partners with whom we work.

This exciting range of wallpapers and fabrics will be in our Heswall studio in the next few weeks.

Below are some of the wonderful creations contained within the collections.

 ’ Blenheim’ wallpaper at £ 112.00 per roll

'Clifford ‘ wallpaper 

 ‘Arnot’ wallpaper

 Carl Robinson was born to a prominent designer in England, and his father's father was a noted designer as well.

Robinson started his career working for his father then worked at Burlington Wallcoverings and also Graham & Brown in England. By 2000, he was serving as a consultant for Wallquest, Inc., one of the world's most innovative wallpaper manufacturers, whose brands include Pelican Prints, Fairwinds Studios, Sandpiper Studios and Printers Guild Productions. Finally, in 2003, Robinson joined the Wallquest team on a full-time basis and today is the company's Design Director.

"I love what I do," Robinson says. "From a business perspective, the most satisfying thing is when you know you've got orders. It means people are interested in what you've created, that they're excited about it. And when you walk onto the shop floor and there are large rolls there, rolls with patterns you designed, and lots of them, you feel like you've created something special. You want people to appreciate and enjoy what you do; that's ultimately what it's all about."

 Robinson lives with his wife, Melissa, and their son Harry in Pennsylvania. Robinson laughs when asked how proud and pleased he'd be if Harry someday elects to follow in the family tradition. "I'd be very interested in seeing that happen if that's what Harry wants," Robinson says. "I think I have a great job. If he picks it up from me or if it's really in his blood, I'd be thrilled."

 Carl Robinson

Louise Bourgoin

 Louise Bourgoin for Pierre Frey

This dramatic fresh new collection designed by French Actress Louise Bourgoin.
The collection is entirely black and white and comprises of three prints on linen, one cotton voile, and a wallpaper, with co-ordinating rugs and ceramic plates. 

With Louise’s focus on her acting career, her love for drawing was put on hold but never extinguished. She was known for sketching her fellow actors and giving them away as gifts to those around her. 


However, fate intervened when a neighbour introduced her to Patrick Frey. He was immediately taken by the fluid, unapologetic lines of her pen & ink drawings and offered to feature them for the Maison Pierre Frey.



Over the next couple of weeks our favourite things are revolving around the Decorex International Design Week which was held on the 21st – 24th September 2014.

One of the designers we are excited about is Zoffany. Zoffany is a luxury brand with elegance and heritage at its core, offering products of the highest quality. 

We are looking forward to their exclusive release of their new collections as they continue to create beautiful designs for both contemporary and period interiors. 

We loved their spring designs, in particular their ‘’Woodville’’ collection of breathtakingly beautiful florals. We look forward to what they will bring out for the autumn. 

 Zoffany is available at Kettle Design. 

A Few Of Our Favourite Things!

 This week we are excited to showcase an interesting Portuguese designer

First is this sophisticated sofa. This luxurious sofa is the perfect contemporary piece to complete a room in the modern home. Its interesting structure is quirky and fun!

Light and shadows scatter across the waves of acrylic posts blurring the environment around the sofa, providing a unique ambience.

Next we have this glamorous low centre table.

This contemporary piece comes in different finishes to suit any scheme and its geometric pattern creates a dynamic and fresh new look.

Available through Kettle Design

Fractured fibre optic

 A few of our Favourite things!

This week our favourite thing is a new fractured fibre optic cable…
The light is emitted along the full length of the cable, not just at the end, as with traditional fibre optic technology

 The new product can be used in many different areas to create a beautiful laminate effect

As with the traditional fibre optic cables, the light engine on the end generates the effects, whether it’s a single or multicoloured array, gently sparkling or constant – this light shines along and through the length of the cable

Below is an image of the sample we now have in our showroom

We are excited by the prospect of introducing this product into future projects
Contact Kettle Design for further details