Reconnect with your home

Kettle Design has been invited to write an interior design column for Shire Magazine. You can read Suzanne’s first article on page 97 in the new May/June issue of Shire Magazine.

Reconnect with your home

Do you have a room or space in your house which isn’t working for you anymore?

Here award-winning technical interior designer Suzanne Mercer of Kettle Design in Heswall shares her tips for falling back in love with your home.

Think about colour

Soft and warm colours make for a relaxing palette in a sitting or dining room. Try mixing neutrals with greens, golds and bronzes. Opulent taffetas are going to be big this year and their rich colours are great for curtains, cushions and blinds.

Sensory appeal

Give a room the wow factor by laying a bleached oak herringbone floor. It not only looks good but feels blissful underfoot.

Experiment with wallpaper

There are some incredible wallpapers on the market today, some that are cheaper than paint per square metre. Create an impact by lining alcoves either side of a fireplace with statement wallpaper made from real banana leaves or dark linen paper. Wallpapers are often wipeable, some are designed to soften a room acoustically and are great if you’ve made a mistake on paint as you can just paper straight over it.

Get arty

A stunning piece of artwork can create a real talking point in a room. Choose something that is special to you, fun or just makes you feel happy when you look at it.

Use fabrics

You can really brighten up a sofa with some exciting cushions in lovely fabrics. They’re far cheaper than changing a sofa and regularly refreshing them can give your room a whole new look. Consider lining the side or back of a chair or sofa with a more expensive or crazy fabric to make a chair real impact.

Perfect lighting

It can be hard to get the lighting right in a house, particularly in new builds which are often fitted with low energy or LED lights. Fabrics and paint can look very different depending on the colour rendering of the light fittings and the natural light available in a room. LEDs can give off a yellow, white or blue white glow so it’s important to order the correct fitting depending on the effect you would like to achieve. If you have inherited the cold white fittings their effect can be softened with warmer colours such as warm beiges and harbour grey, which will work with the light.

Talk to a builder

If a room really isn’t working for you, consider some structural changes such as knocking it through into an adjacent room.

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Bathroom Or Wet Room?

Did you know there are over 150,000 bathroom renovations each year in the UK?

Given our usual chilly climate (rather than this heat wave we are currently experiencing) people are inclined to select huge deep bubble baths that become the focus of the room and shape the renovation.

However it is becoming increasingly popular to switch from bathroom to shower room or wetroom which sounds much more appealing in this current heat wave!

The difference between a Shower Room and a Wetroom is a process called tanking. Wetrooms require this process,  It basically involves waterproofing all walls and floors that will be coming into contact with water. The floor of a wetroom is also totally level; meaning there’s no step up into a shower tray and that the floor of the shower and the floor of the rest of the room are the same.

There is an abundance of different designs and new technologies for Shower Rooms and Wetrooms. Take a look at one of our projects in Caldy. This modern walk in wet room was a bespoke design tailored to meet the clients requirements.The specially commissioned piece of glass was built up of 2 layers of glass with a sheer fabric trapped in between.

With so many options available it’s worth knowing what is out there as you may come across an idea that you love which you would not have previously considered.

For help with a Shower Room or Bathroom that you’re planning get in touch!



The Perfect Wallpaper for Summer

Here are our 5 top favourite wallpapers for this Summer, an modern mix of vibrant, textured, playful, extravagant and soothing designs to spark your imagination and creativity.

If any of these designs take your fancy then please do get in touch and we can chat about your project further.

1, Zoffany – Phoebe – Peony/leaf

2. Missoni – 10015

3. Brian Yates – Kerala – 5692 GOA

4. Pierre Frey – Guizhou – Miao Pasteque

5. Harlequin – Orla Kiely – Classic Stem

All available at Kettle Design, 7 The Mount, Heswall, Wirral CH60 4RE. 0151 – 538 – 9983

Mood Boards Tailored For Your Interior Design Project

If you’re planning on completely redecorating your home, you no doubt have dozens (maybe even hundreds!) of ideas flying around your head.

There’s so much to consider – the colours, fabrics, walls, floor, furniture, lighting, not to mention all those accessories – it can be hard to keep track of everything. That’s where the mood board comes in.

A mood board allows you to collect all those thoughts, ideas, and feelings in one place, helping you form a clear design concept and to build on it coherently without going off on wild tangents.

Here at Kettle Design we do this for you, taking in every single detail you are left with a clear and precise plan for your project allowing us to bring your ideas to life.


Here a few examples of Mood boards we have completed for several projects across the North West.

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Kitchen Design – Beautifully done.

Kitchens are pretty complicated spaces to design. They fulfill a multitude of needs and have to work for all members of the family.
At Kettle Design wFormby Kitchene have been providing independent kitchen design for over 20 years and we know that the time spent on design is rewarded in the final product.

So why use in interior designer as opposed to a kitchen company?

Well if you consider that a kitchen company make their money on selling you as much kitchen as possible then you may end up with a huge kitchen with an island the size of a small cruise ship crammed into whatever space you have.

We rather think of your kitchen as designing special pieces of furniture that will work with your needs over time.

We begin with finding out about what you do in the space and how you live your life. Is it a mix of entertaining space, family area, cooking at a high level or a place to catch up with friends?

As we are not tied to any products we source the market freely, finding the best finishes, appliances and details that all work together.

Our design ensures that we think about everything from the functional aspects of a kitchen through to lighting and audio visual planning plus the fun gadgets.

At the end of this exciting design process you then have a choice. You can take your design to any manufacturer/installer ad receive competitive fixed quotes.

Or Kettle Design can do this on your behalf and manage your project – from sourcing cabinet makers to working with electricians, plumbers and tilers.

One main thing to remember – bespoke doesn’t mean expensive – it just means well designed.


Kitchen Design Service

 Site assessment and measure

 10 hours of design time

 3 x 1 hour design meetings

 2D drawings

 3D renders

 Working drawings for tendering

 Selection of finishes and materials

 Selection of appliances

 Lighting and audio visual design


Designer wallpapers with added value

Wallpapers never really go out of fashion as the designs, variety and choices change and improve throughout every season. Here at Kettle Design we love wallpapers. They bring elements into a room that is simply not achievable with other mediums.

They bring light, warmth, texture, impact and practicality and introduce arrays of colour that can be quite stunning.zoffany logo

We of course have accounts with all of the major International wallpaper houses such as Cole & Son, Colefax & Fowler, Zoffany and Harlequin. But we also stock many other Artisan designers and manufacturers that produce fabulous products on a smaller scale.

Unfortunately in the North West choice for such products can be somewhat limited but our regular trips to Chelsea Harbour Design Centre along with our great contacts with reps means that we can supply pretty much any wallpaper from any manufacturer around the world.

And don’t forget we have our own specialist decorator who can professionally hang these wallpapers including silks and hand painted varieties.

If you think that shopping locally limits your choice and the value you can get then we thought we would give you a quick comparison of what we offer against a trip to John Lewis in Liverpool.

This is based on a lovely wallpaper that has been week received in our new showroom from Cole & Son.

Costs                          John Lewcole and sonis          Kettle Design

Parking                          £5.50                       free

Tunnel                           £3.40                       —–

Coffee for 2                   £5.00                       free

3 rolls of wallpaper        £240                       £225

delivery/collection          free                           free

.                                                                    Total                               £253.90                  £225

.                                                                                           Saving you £28.90

So you can have great products & service right on your doorstep plus some change in your pocket to enjoy being out and about in Wirral.

Storage spaces and folding beds!

Recently we have been thinking about storage solutions, in particular wardrobe systems for smaller spaces and rooms where you would like to fit a lot in but do not have the space.

Within our ever changing modern world, homes seem to be getting smaller due to the lack of space within over crowded cities and towns. Many rooms may not have the floor space for a double bed but with a wardrobe system incorporating a pull out or pull down bed it may be possible to fit a double bed into your space. This could be a great option for those wanting dual purpose room such as an office/guest room.

As well as pull down beds we have been looking at other features that can be incorporated into wardrobe systems to maximise space and storage and add to the function of the room. Features that we thought to include are: a vanity area, shoe storage, hanging rails and shelving would all be great additions a wardrobe system, to either maximise storage space or perhaps for a walk in wardrobe.

We have been thinking about possible wardrobe systems incorporating some of these features.

Our first idea features a pull down double bed, plenty of hanging rails, shelving and lots of areas to store clothes and anything else. Also featured is a vanity area with a build in window seat to provide extra seating for the room.

Our second idea has a double bed which has been lowered into a platform on the floor. The platform has a step to reach the higher level to provide access to the wardrobe on the back wall. The bed is able to be covered to provide a huge amount of floor space. We also have a vanity area at the end of the wardrobe with spotlights either side.

What do you think of these all interesting storage possibilities? Could these help within improving the future of your family home?
If you would like any more information on any of our designs please call 0151 348 4572 or pop us an email on


In this week’s blog we thought we would share our love & admiration for one of our favourite décor companies; Elitis. Whose products have always been up to date with the most modern techniques and materials as they are innovative, courageous and most definitely bold.

They are present in over 100 countries, from the United Kingdom to Australia passing through Argentina and Russia. Their fabrics, wallpapers and wall coverings travel through private residences, hotels and restaurants throughout the world. All of their products are utterly original and fascinating – we would use them every day if we had the chance! They create all of their wallcoverings and papers in a number of different materials to suit any environment in which they could be placed; from vinyl’s to feathers to horsehair products!

We stock numerous amounts of Elitis collections within our showroom although every collection can be found on their website – Take a look online or come into our showroom so you can appreciate the pieces in all of their glory. Elitis is a trade only company so can only be ordered through an official stockist; which luckily we are! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Furniture Designs for a child

Our brief for this project was to create an exciting and enjoyment filled space; therefore the furniture had to match this. We wanted the furniture to look fun and feature some bright colours and patterns that would be featured elsewhere in the room. We designed the products as a matching set so that they would look fitting together in the new bedroom.

For the bedside tables we kept them small to fit in either side of the bed which is also a bespoke design by Kettle.
The bedside table has a small drawer and underneath there will be a storage box that will be covered in a patterned fabric to compliment the design scheme for the rest of the room. The drawer front has clean rounded corners and features a curved cut out which will be used as the handle to access the drawer.

The image below shows the colours that we have been playing around with for the bedside tables.


For the desk we have kept the idea of the curved shapes that we used for the bedside table and it features the same design for the drawers except the desk will have two drawers, one larger than the other, which sit on the left hand side of the desk. As the desk will be sat in the corner of the room it has been designed in an L shape to allow it to fit into the corner easily.

Here is an image of the idea that we have come up with for the desk and shows a possible colour for the set of drawers.


Both products feature the same drawer design and rounded rectangle cut outs in the legs to keep the look modern and fun; both will be made from a high gloss white wood laminate. The drawer fronts will feature bright colours to match the rooms design scheme and add to the fun exciting design of the room.

Finally here is an image of both of the furniture pieces together, showing how they could possibly look once in the brand new bedroom.

Stripes, spots, floral… What would your child want in their bedroom?

We have recently undertaken an exciting new project; to design an exhilarating, colourful, child’s bedroom. There are a vast number of designs and patterns on the market these days but how exactly do you decide which one to go for? This got us thinking, what designs would your child decide if they got to choose their very own scheme? We think we may just have the answer…


Stripes help to trick the eye into thinking that a room is larger than it actually is; use vertical stripes to deceive the eye into thinking the room is taller and horizontal to make the room seem wider.

Spots have always been popular within interior design and people are coming up with more innovative ideas on how to use them. Whether it is polka dot wallpaper or a random stencil pattern; bring fun back into a bedroom by simply adding them in!

Floral’s are perfect to use within a child’s bedroom in contrast to popular belief they are not only used for the older generation! Try Sahco’s Pixus Fabric which brings floral into 2015 by adding pixilation to the geometric pattern.

Each design style would look amazing in any child’s bedroom as each is fun and can be used in many different ways and colour styles; but we feel we can go one better than that. Why not be brave and use all these different styles, colours and patterns and combine them in one bedroom together? This creates a fundamentally exciting haven that your child will never get bored of. Go on, take the leap, and produce something utterly unique today!