Bathroom Or Wet Room?

Did you know there are over 150,000 bathroom renovations each year in the UK?

Given our usual chilly climate (rather than this heat wave we are currently experiencing) people are inclined to select huge deep bubble baths that become the focus of the room and shape the renovation.

However it is becoming increasingly popular to switch from bathroom to shower room or wetroom which sounds much more appealing in this current heat wave!

The difference between a Shower Room and a Wetroom is a process called tanking. Wetrooms require this process,  It basically involves waterproofing all walls and floors that will be coming into contact with water. The floor of a wetroom is also totally level; meaning there’s no step up into a shower tray and that the floor of the shower and the floor of the rest of the room are the same.

There is an abundance of different designs and new technologies for Shower Rooms and Wetrooms. Take a look at one of our projects in Caldy. This modern walk in wet room was a bespoke design tailored to meet the clients requirements.The specially commissioned piece of glass was built up of 2 layers of glass with a sheer fabric trapped in between.

With so many options available it’s worth knowing what is out there as you may come across an idea that you love which you would not have previously considered.

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The Perfect Wallpaper for Summer

Here are our 5 top favourite wallpapers for this Summer, an modern mix of vibrant, textured, playful, extravagant and soothing designs to spark your imagination and creativity.

If any of these designs take your fancy then please do get in touch and we can chat about your project further.

1, Zoffany – Phoebe – Peony/leaf

2. Missoni – 10015

3. Brian Yates – Kerala – 5692 GOA

4. Pierre Frey – Guizhou – Miao Pasteque

5. Harlequin – Orla Kiely – Classic Stem

All available at Kettle Design, 7 The Mount, Heswall, Wirral CH60 4RE. 0151 – 538 – 9983

Mood Boards Tailored For Your Interior Design Project

If you’re planning on completely redecorating your home, you no doubt have dozens (maybe even hundreds!) of ideas flying around your head.

There’s so much to consider – the colours, fabrics, walls, floor, furniture, lighting, not to mention all those accessories – it can be hard to keep track of everything. That’s where the mood board comes in.

A mood board allows you to collect all those thoughts, ideas, and feelings in one place, helping you form a clear design concept and to build on it coherently without going off on wild tangents.

Here at Kettle Design we do this for you, taking in every single detail you are left with a clear and precise plan for your project allowing us to bring your ideas to life.


Here a few examples of Mood boards we have completed for several projects across the North West.

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