2018 Northern Design Awards

Kettle Design wins Best Interior Design Residential Project at Northern Design Awards.

Award in recognition of ‘outstanding interior design work’ on a home in Hoylake.

Kettle Design is delighted to have won an award for our outstanding interior design work on a residential property in Hoylake.

We were presented with the best Residential Interior Design Project less than £150k at the Northern Design Awards.

The prestigious awards bring together designers, retailers and property developers in a celebration of Northern style, innovation and design. The judging panel included designers Wayne Hemingway, George Bond, Linda Parker, Nick Munro and BIID President Gilly Craft.

The award was in recognition of our work to transform the lounge and dining room of a house in Hoylake into two distinct spaces.

The brief was to turn a rather cold sitting room into a comfortable and relaxing place and to redesign their dining room into a stylish place to eat and entertain guests.

The main requirement was to make each room distinctive but to also make them feel linked. We love challenges like this.

We began by creating a mood board of our proposed soft and warm fabrics and relaxing colour schemes – neutrals mixed with greens, golds and bronzes. We followed this with 3D renders to give them a complete insight into our plan and to help them visualise how the space would look and feel.

At Kettle Design, we pride ourselves on our technical expertise which means that when it comes to moving walls and cutting through ceilings to move radiators, we know what we are doing.

We made both spaces more intimate, added a fireplace to give focus to the sitting room, installed a flat screen television above it, wrapped a bespoke sofa around the faceted windows and added a bespoke rug.

In the alcoves we lined the wall with statement wallpaper made from real banana leaves while the dining room walls were covered with dark linen paper.

To give both rooms added wow factor we laid the most beautiful bleached oak herringbone floor that feels blissful underfoot and installed a stunning piece of bronze sculpture by Bruges artist Jacques Vanroose.

The project was completed on time and within budget and the client was so delighted with the finished result that they have asked us to declutter and transform other areas of their home.

We were delighted that the project caught the eye of the Northern Design Awards 2018.

Kettle Design is run by Suzanne Mercer and her team of architects, designers, artists and engineers. It is the only technical interior design company in Wirral and Merseyside.

The company, which celebrates its 23rd anniversary this year, provides a full interior design service for domestic and commercial clients as well as a number of high profile clients.



Kettle Design

The award winning Kettle Design team


Storage spaces and folding beds!

Recently we have been thinking about storage solutions, in particular wardrobe systems for smaller spaces and rooms where you would like to fit a lot in but do not have the space.

Within our ever changing modern world, homes seem to be getting smaller due to the lack of space within over crowded cities and towns. Many rooms may not have the floor space for a double bed but with a wardrobe system incorporating a pull out or pull down bed it may be possible to fit a double bed into your space. This could be a great option for those wanting dual purpose room such as an office/guest room.

As well as pull down beds we have been looking at other features that can be incorporated into wardrobe systems to maximise space and storage and add to the function of the room. Features that we thought to include are: a vanity area, shoe storage, hanging rails and shelving would all be great additions a wardrobe system, to either maximise storage space or perhaps for a walk in wardrobe.

We have been thinking about possible wardrobe systems incorporating some of these features.

Our first idea features a pull down double bed, plenty of hanging rails, shelving and lots of areas to store clothes and anything else. Also featured is a vanity area with a build in window seat to provide extra seating for the room.

Our second idea has a double bed which has been lowered into a platform on the floor. The platform has a step to reach the higher level to provide access to the wardrobe on the back wall. The bed is able to be covered to provide a huge amount of floor space. We also have a vanity area at the end of the wardrobe with spotlights either side.

What do you think of these all interesting storage possibilities? Could these help within improving the future of your family home?
If you would like any more information on any of our designs please call 0151 348 4572 or pop us an email on info.kettledesign.co.uk.


In this week’s blog we thought we would share our love & admiration for one of our favourite décor companies; Elitis. Whose products have always been up to date with the most modern techniques and materials as they are innovative, courageous and most definitely bold.

They are present in over 100 countries, from the United Kingdom to Australia passing through Argentina and Russia. Their fabrics, wallpapers and wall coverings travel through private residences, hotels and restaurants throughout the world. All of their products are utterly original and fascinating – we would use them every day if we had the chance! They create all of their wallcoverings and papers in a number of different materials to suit any environment in which they could be placed; from vinyl’s to feathers to horsehair products!

We stock numerous amounts of Elitis collections within our showroom although every collection can be found on their website – www.elitis.fr/en. Take a look online or come into our showroom so you can appreciate the pieces in all of their glory. Elitis is a trade only company so can only be ordered through an official stockist; which luckily we are! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Furniture Designs for a child

Our brief for this project was to create an exciting and enjoyment filled space; therefore the furniture had to match this. We wanted the furniture to look fun and feature some bright colours and patterns that would be featured elsewhere in the room. We designed the products as a matching set so that they would look fitting together in the new bedroom.

For the bedside tables we kept them small to fit in either side of the bed which is also a bespoke design by Kettle.
The bedside table has a small drawer and underneath there will be a storage box that will be covered in a patterned fabric to compliment the design scheme for the rest of the room. The drawer front has clean rounded corners and features a curved cut out which will be used as the handle to access the drawer.

The image below shows the colours that we have been playing around with for the bedside tables.


For the desk we have kept the idea of the curved shapes that we used for the bedside table and it features the same design for the drawers except the desk will have two drawers, one larger than the other, which sit on the left hand side of the desk. As the desk will be sat in the corner of the room it has been designed in an L shape to allow it to fit into the corner easily.

Here is an image of the idea that we have come up with for the desk and shows a possible colour for the set of drawers.


Both products feature the same drawer design and rounded rectangle cut outs in the legs to keep the look modern and fun; both will be made from a high gloss white wood laminate. The drawer fronts will feature bright colours to match the rooms design scheme and add to the fun exciting design of the room.

Finally here is an image of both of the furniture pieces together, showing how they could possibly look once in the brand new bedroom.

Stripes, spots, floral… What would your child want in their bedroom?

We have recently undertaken an exciting new project; to design an exhilarating, colourful, child’s bedroom. There are a vast number of designs and patterns on the market these days but how exactly do you decide which one to go for? This got us thinking, what designs would your child decide if they got to choose their very own scheme? We think we may just have the answer…


Stripes help to trick the eye into thinking that a room is larger than it actually is; use vertical stripes to deceive the eye into thinking the room is taller and horizontal to make the room seem wider.

Spots have always been popular within interior design and people are coming up with more innovative ideas on how to use them. Whether it is polka dot wallpaper or a random stencil pattern; bring fun back into a bedroom by simply adding them in!

Floral’s are perfect to use within a child’s bedroom in contrast to popular belief they are not only used for the older generation! Try Sahco’s Pixus Fabric which brings floral into 2015 by adding pixilation to the geometric pattern.

Each design style would look amazing in any child’s bedroom as each is fun and can be used in many different ways and colour styles; but we feel we can go one better than that. Why not be brave and use all these different styles, colours and patterns and combine them in one bedroom together? This creates a fundamentally exciting haven that your child will never get bored of. Go on, take the leap, and produce something utterly unique today!

Get Outdoors! This Summer in Style…

We’ve all been waiting for Summer to finally arrive in the UK and now it has, we have the perfect solutions for keeping your garden looking as stylish as possible with Missoni!

Unfortunately not all of us have the backdrop of the sea like this, but luckily for us we can still decorate our back gardens like we have!
Using the new Summer Collection from Missoni, you see the use of stripes and zigzags coming back in with the bold colours making your
outdoor area more summery than you’ve ever seen before.

Along with these quirky and innovative ideas, make the most out of your garden and get the ultimate sun lounger!

Missoni don’t just supply fabrics either; take a look at their Summer 2015 clothing line!

Match this with your outdoor home accessories and you have the perfect all-rounder look and location for your summer at home!
So much so, that you’ll think you are living just by the sea!

Missoni is available at Kettle Design, pop into our showroom to take a look!

Interior Design Goes Bridal!

It’s around Spring that we start to notice the worlds of interior design and fashion design over-lapping as trends cross back and forth. Designers are enthusing about fabrics that we like to describe as ‘bridal’ and below we’ve found some truly romantic examples:-

The smoky embroidered charm of a gently puckered silk that is reminiscent of a Victorian corset and train, right the way up to the striking ivory silks that wouldn’t look out of place on a Vera Wang!

If you’re tying the knot over the coming weeks remember that the love affair with our home can be a long and lovely thing to celebrate too.

The Joy of Jouy

18th Century French Toile de Jouy fabric is undergoing a 21st century spin with many fabric houses, the bold colour palettes reviving the original spirit of these magnificent fabrics making them anything but what your granny would choose.


 Timorous Beasties in Glasgow pioneered the ‘urban-chic’ toile look perfectly and a decade later other companies are following this exciting trend.


A Few Of Our Favourite Things!

 This week we are excited to showcase an interesting Portuguese designer

First is this sophisticated sofa. This luxurious sofa is the perfect contemporary piece to complete a room in the modern home. Its interesting structure is quirky and fun!

Light and shadows scatter across the waves of acrylic posts blurring the environment around the sofa, providing a unique ambience.

Next we have this glamorous low centre table.

This contemporary piece comes in different finishes to suit any scheme and its geometric pattern creates a dynamic and fresh new look.

Available through Kettle Design