Kitchen Design – Beautifully done.

Kitchens are pretty complicated spaces to design. They fulfill a multitude of needs and have to work for all members of the family.
At Kettle Design wFormby Kitchene have been providing independent kitchen design for over 20 years and we know that the time spent on design is rewarded in the final product.

So why use in interior designer as opposed to a kitchen company?

Well if you consider that a kitchen company make their money on selling you as much kitchen as possible then you may end up with a huge kitchen with an island the size of a small cruise ship crammed into whatever space you have.

We rather think of your kitchen as designing special pieces of furniture that will work with your needs over time.

We begin with finding out about what you do in the space and how you live your life. Is it a mix of entertaining space, family area, cooking at a high level or a place to catch up with friends?

As we are not tied to any products we source the market freely, finding the best finishes, appliances and details that all work together.

Our design ensures that we think about everything from the functional aspects of a kitchen through to lighting and audio visual planning plus the fun gadgets.

At the end of this exciting design process you then have a choice. You can take your design to any manufacturer/installer ad receive competitive fixed quotes.

Or Kettle Design can do this on your behalf and manage your project – from sourcing cabinet makers to working with electricians, plumbers and tilers.

One main thing to remember – bespoke doesn’t mean expensive – it just means well designed.


Kitchen Design Service

 Site assessment and measure

 10 hours of design time

 3 x 1 hour design meetings

 2D drawings

 3D renders

 Working drawings for tendering

 Selection of finishes and materials

 Selection of appliances

 Lighting and audio visual design


Designer wallpapers with added value

Wallpapers never really go out of fashion as the designs, variety and choices change and improve throughout every season. Here at Kettle Design we love wallpapers. They bring elements into a room that is simply not achievable with other mediums.

They bring light, warmth, texture, impact and practicality and introduce arrays of colour that can be quite stunning.zoffany logo

We of course have accounts with all of the major International wallpaper houses such as Cole & Son, Colefax & Fowler, Zoffany and Harlequin. But we also stock many other Artisan designers and manufacturers that produce fabulous products on a smaller scale.

Unfortunately in the North West choice for such products can be somewhat limited but our regular trips to Chelsea Harbour Design Centre along with our great contacts with reps means that we can supply pretty much any wallpaper from any manufacturer around the world.

And don’t forget we have our own specialist decorator who can professionally hang these wallpapers including silks and hand painted varieties.

If you think that shopping locally limits your choice and the value you can get then we thought we would give you a quick comparison of what we offer against a trip to John Lewis in Liverpool.

This is based on a lovely wallpaper that has been week received in our new showroom from Cole & Son.

Costs                          John Lewcole and sonis          Kettle Design

Parking                          £5.50                       free

Tunnel                           £3.40                       —–

Coffee for 2                   £5.00                       free

3 rolls of wallpaper        £240                       £225

delivery/collection          free                           free

.                                                                    Total                               £253.90                  £225

.                                                                                           Saving you £28.90

So you can have great products & service right on your doorstep plus some change in your pocket to enjoy being out and about in Wirral.