Storage spaces and folding beds!

Recently we have been thinking about storage solutions, in particular wardrobe systems for smaller spaces and rooms where you would like to fit a lot in but do not have the space.

Within our ever changing modern world, homes seem to be getting smaller due to the lack of space within over crowded cities and towns. Many rooms may not have the floor space for a double bed but with a wardrobe system incorporating a pull out or pull down bed it may be possible to fit a double bed into your space. This could be a great option for those wanting dual purpose room such as an office/guest room.

As well as pull down beds we have been looking at other features that can be incorporated into wardrobe systems to maximise space and storage and add to the function of the room. Features that we thought to include are: a vanity area, shoe storage, hanging rails and shelving would all be great additions a wardrobe system, to either maximise storage space or perhaps for a walk in wardrobe.

We have been thinking about possible wardrobe systems incorporating some of these features.

Our first idea features a pull down double bed, plenty of hanging rails, shelving and lots of areas to store clothes and anything else. Also featured is a vanity area with a build in window seat to provide extra seating for the room.

Our second idea has a double bed which has been lowered into a platform on the floor. The platform has a step to reach the higher level to provide access to the wardrobe on the back wall. The bed is able to be covered to provide a huge amount of floor space. We also have a vanity area at the end of the wardrobe with spotlights either side.

What do you think of these all interesting storage possibilities? Could these help within improving the future of your family home?
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In this week’s blog we thought we would share our love & admiration for one of our favourite décor companies; Elitis. Whose products have always been up to date with the most modern techniques and materials as they are innovative, courageous and most definitely bold.

They are present in over 100 countries, from the United Kingdom to Australia passing through Argentina and Russia. Their fabrics, wallpapers and wall coverings travel through private residences, hotels and restaurants throughout the world. All of their products are utterly original and fascinating – we would use them every day if we had the chance! They create all of their wallcoverings and papers in a number of different materials to suit any environment in which they could be placed; from vinyl’s to feathers to horsehair products!

We stock numerous amounts of Elitis collections within our showroom although every collection can be found on their website – Take a look online or come into our showroom so you can appreciate the pieces in all of their glory. Elitis is a trade only company so can only be ordered through an official stockist; which luckily we are! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!