This week we have received a delivery of a beautiful bed throw for one of our lovely clients.

 A beautiful detailed ‘vermicelli’ design throw that is perfect for any bedroom.  

We teamed two luxurious fabrics; for the main face fabric shimmering viscose velvet from Ardecora printed with an all over ornamental motif which melts into the sheen of the velour, and for the hand stitched border and reverse an elegant silk with linen yarn floating on the surface from Sacho; to produce an unashamedly luxurious item which completes their new bedroom to perfection.

 Different quilting techniques can create alternative themes, whether it’s a retro feel or a modern look that you want, changing the style of stitching can help you create the perfect look.

 Quilting has evolved throughout the years and the variety of options is endless.  You can have any design on any type of fabric and the limitations are only in your imagination. Whether it’s a large box – stitched quilt, which is more classical and timeless, or a sleek serpentine running around a border, whatever image or pattern you have in mind can be customised to enhance your design making quilting a fun way to enliven any interior.