A Few Of Our Favourite Things!

 This week we are excited to showcase an interesting Portuguese designer

First is this sophisticated sofa. This luxurious sofa is the perfect contemporary piece to complete a room in the modern home. Its interesting structure is quirky and fun!

Light and shadows scatter across the waves of acrylic posts blurring the environment around the sofa, providing a unique ambience.

Next we have this glamorous low centre table.

This contemporary piece comes in different finishes to suit any scheme and its geometric pattern creates a dynamic and fresh new look.

Available through Kettle Design

Fractured fibre optic

 A few of our Favourite things!

This week our favourite thing is a new fractured fibre optic cable…
The light is emitted along the full length of the cable, not just at the end, as with traditional fibre optic technology

 The new product can be used in many different areas to create a beautiful laminate effect

As with the traditional fibre optic cables, the light engine on the end generates the effects, whether it’s a single or multicoloured array, gently sparkling or constant – this light shines along and through the length of the cable

Below is an image of the sample we now have in our showroom

We are excited by the prospect of introducing this product into future projects
Contact Kettle Design for further details