Sahco Lux Plaid Throw

 This week our favourite thing is the Sahco Lux Plaid throw. With the autumn weather creeping up on us this is the perfect accessory to keep you warm in any room of your home.

LUX is an intricately knitted article picturing the unique pattern of the fur of a snow lynx. It is made of different dyed yarns, letting the artificial markings shine from the base through to the web – adding an extraordinary quality of being almost like real fur.

With its elegant cream white and beige tones it is a subtle yet stunning piece that would compliment almost any decor – and the collection even has matching cosy cushions available.

The Sahco throw is available from Kettle Design for £316

Elitis Parade

 Élites Parade Wallpaper
This week we are showcasing this beautiful Elites wallpaper by Abbott & Boyd. This flamboyant baroque inspired wallpaper with a pearly mosaic backdrop is a great way to add opulence to a room and chase away gloominess.

Elitis was founded in 198 and has now become one of the leading suppliers of contemporary wallpaper and fabrics in the world. The wallpaper designs are produced by a small group of in-house designers and create a large selection of modern designs and plain effect wallpapers including animal skins, silk, linen and stone effects.

 This exuberant wallpaper comes in three lavish colours to suit any home décor. We loved it so much that it is now on one of our walls in the Kettle Design showroom. The gold and silver pattern adds a glamorous feel to this rich wallpaper and enhances its simplicity so the décor around it can be kept to a minimal. 

Parade Reflecto VP 841 01 

 Parade Reflecto VP 841 02 

 Parade Reflecto VP 841 03