Living With Art: Gustav Klimt Staircase

Living With Art: Gustav Klimt Staircase

Unique and custom-made designs can be used to infuse fine art into any element of your home’s interior. Even a staircase can be finely tuned to your exact tastes. 

For our showroom and studio in Heswall, Cheshire, company director Suzanne Mercer designed this completely original glowing staircase. Inspired by Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss,’ the staircase features a section of cloth seen in the picture etched into the glass, which is then beautifully underlit by a strip of warm white LED tape. Extra tough ‘saftey glass’ is used, offering maximum durability for the fixture without compromising on its aesthetic.

Kettle Design’s director Suzanne Mercer discusses this unique way of sampling classic art to subtly work iconic images into interior design; ‘Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’ is one of the most iconic images in art, and is the highest-selling print of any painting. By taking just a small section of the man’s cloak and featuring it in this way, we make the familiar unfamiliar yet retain the beauty of the original’

Klimt's original

Section of the painting used for the staircase etching.

When it comes to choosing a design for your glass fittings, the sky’s the limit; the bespoke etching process can involve any image on request, and any colour of under lighting should you choose to add illumination to your feature. For more information, email or call into our Heswall studio any time from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday (weekend appointments available upon request.)

Living with Art: Statement Abstract Expressionist Interiors

Living with Art: Statement Abstract Expressionist Interiors

Bring the spirit of abstract expressionism into your home with Abbot & Boyd’s Rothko-influenced wall covering ‘Time Will Tell’ from their Élitis range.

The iconic mid-twentieth Century American movement that plunged New York into the centre of the art world was famous for bold colours and a vibrant energy that made for a dynamic interaction between painting and viewer. 

Taking inspiration from the striking aesthetic of Abstract Expressionism, Abbot and Boyd’s ‘Time Will Tell’ Wall covering provides a high contrast between bold shades of primary colours, underpinned by a rich yet bright green to give a feeling of completeness in colour. Sporadic black lines add structure and order to the print, resulting in a distinguished piece perfect for any feature wall. 

A stylish canvas effect is produced with a textured print that creates the optical illusion of brushstrokes, compounded by an embossed silk finish mimicking the unmistakable texture of oil paint on fabric. Designed to cover a range of around three metres cubed, the panoramic print also conjures the physical magnitude of a classic painting, providing a breathtaking statement in whichever room you choose to feature it.
Famous for displaying his works in low-lighting, Rothko chose colours which glowed with their own inherent luminosity.

Create a cosy glow in your own living space with this Abbot and Boyd panoramic, available to view at our studio in Heswall. For more information on any of the Elitis range, email or call into our Heswall studio any time from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday (weekend appointments available upon request.)

Springtime in Paris: French Designers at Kettle Design

Springtime in Paris: French Designers at Kettle Design

Renowned for being the capital of style, Paris is the perfect inspiration for interior design. At Kettle Design we are proud to represent a host of French designers ready and waiting to bring the effortless chic of French style into your home.

Pierre Frey

Pierre Frey is a luxury French design house founded in 1935, offering a wide range of exclusive fabrics and wallcoverings, most of which are manufactured in Northern France using traditional artisanal methods. With a strong focus on being eclectic, Pierre Frey offer an extensive range of colours, materials and influences without compromising on quality or style. Brighten up your home this spring with their modern twist on classic springtime imagery in their new Aloha collection.


A modern French design house based in Toulouse, Elitis are renowned for innovation in design, priding themselves on consistently remaining on the cutting edge of design and production methods. If contemporary trends are what you pride your interior on the most, their Parade collection is guaranteed to deliver.


Originally an Iron Craftsworks, Pouenat became involved in interior design in the 1960s. In line with their roots, they specialise in decorative metalworks; particularly lighting and furniture. With a rich heritage dating back to 1880, Pouenat have a proficiency of style and manufacturing that guarantees quality that will last and last. Pounat focus on metal as a medium of art, and feature a range of French designers who create breathtakingly beautiful metal fittings.

Christian LaCroix

Iconic French Designer Christian LaCroix is famous for his extravagant clothing designs inspired by traditional eighteenth century French dress and European folklore. This fearless yet chic aesthetic is carried into his home collections, which offer a timelessly stylish take on classic French modes.
For more information on any of the designers above, or to browse our French collections in full, email or call into our Heswall studio any time from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday (weekend appointments available upon request.)

Paris in Springtime: French Wallpaper Trends

Paris in Springtime: French Wallpaper Trends

Few things make as large a statement in a room as the design you choose to cover the expanse of the walls. With spring in the air, what better way to keep the brightness of nature’s rebirth in your home than by adorning your walls with Elitis’s ‘Parade’ collection? This French design house renowned for innovation and boldness in its designs offer many styles that can inspire your home interior with a sense of Paris in Springtime.

Parade – Barocco

This bright geometric floral design favours slightly bolder shades than traditional pastels to offer a modern twist on a classically iconic springtime image. Rich red flowers compliment a bright cyan background ensuring you a blue sky feeling all year round. 

Parade – Reflecto

The distinguished multitonal ‘branches’ set off against a stunning lime green background on this design produces a wonderful representation of fresh new leaves on trees. The paper weave effect of the covering adds a tactile element to this motif, whilst heightening the freshness of the green pigment with a sheer finish.

Parade – Moko

A subtler use of rich blues, oranges and greens appears against a stylish chrome background, giving a more understated effect that nonetheless brightens any room through an infusion of spring tones. A shining example of Elitis’s commitment to contemporary modes, this modern yet chic design evokes a stylish representation of springtime in Paris that is entirely on trend.
For more information and to see samples of the collection in full email or call into our Heswall studio any time from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday (weekend appointments available upon request.)